Race registration

Joel helps at the race registration table.

Race registration

Christine Pinney gets a race number ready for a day-of-race entrant.


A runner admires the Swagalicious® race t-shirt.

Crowds gather

The runners gather before the race.

Sound crew

Charles Alperin provided the sound system and music to get the runners motivated.

Starting line

Runners gather at the starting line.

Racers on the start line

Racer #136, Hallie Armstrong, relaxing at the start.

Leading runners

The fast runners line up at the front, including race winner Brian Rich, #93

Racers go!

The race starts and they're off the line.

Bedford Bucs at the front

Bedford alums Anthony Wilson, Noah Byington and Isaac Singer at the start.

First lap

Alex Knoedler #43 leads the first lap on the track.

Racing for position

Isaac Singer, #9, and Nick Reed, #106, racing on the track.

400m mark

John Wichers, from Arlington, MA, on the opening lap.

Opening lap

Ethan, Alex and Matthew lead Israel and Gareth.


Jenessa #37 and Sabine #170, are both BHS XC captains.

First lap smiles

At the 400m mark, runners are smiling and settling in to the race.

First lap done.

Sue Turner, #121, heads down the straight.

Bedford Police

Bedford Police provided security and traffic control along Railroad Ave.

First finisher

Brian Rich, of Concord, MA wins the inaugural Swag Flag 5K

Second place

Nick Reed, from Fairfax, VA, takes second place.

third place

Alex Knoedler takes third place overall.


Patrick Deedy, from Concord, MA, finishes fourth.

Heading to the finish

Dan McCarthy leads Taiga Okada down Railroad Ave.

Heading to the finish

Anthony Wilson and David Todd race side-by-side down Railroad Ave.


Tiffany Mointz, of Lexington, heads down Railroad Ave.

Almost there

Matthew Carluccio running on Railroad Ave.

Finish line

Taiga Okada (#77) crosses the finish line ahead of Andrew Farkas (#39)


Brendan Goodhue at the finish line.

Vince aut morire

Richard Donnelly crosses the finish line.

Shades #1

Ross Cadobianco crosses the finish line.

Shades #2

Tiffany Mointz heads into the finishing chute.


David Todd at the finish line.


Matthew Carluccio keeps his focus on the finish.

Collecting tags

BHS alum Erin Dietz was on hand to collect bib tags from the runners as they exit the finishing chute.


Jake Hernandez had plenty of patriotic colors on display.


Christine Pinney cuts bagels (donated by Brugger's Bagels) for the runners.

Ready for prizes

Race director Joel Hebert announces it’s time for prizes.

Can you hear me now?

Joel announces the results.

Top prize

Hallie Armstrong collects the prize for first female finisher, a spa package from Organix Spa in Bedford.

Stay hydrated

Joel shows off the Swag Flag 5K water bottles for age group finishers.

Red, white and blue.

Meghan Barnes collects a water bottle.

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Jake gets his reusable water bottle.

Black and blue

Joseph Robinson get a water bottle for his age group finish.

Green Mountains

Robin Vincent, from Sutton, VT, picks up a water bottle.

Stainless steel

Patrick Deedy snags a water bottle for his 4th place finish.

Mystery Man

The man with no number or name. Who are you mystery man?



??? grabs a water bottle for being a top master finisher.

Thanks for running

Joel thanks the crowd for coming out to race.


Olivia (#34) and Nicolle McClellan (#33) after the race.